About us

Our mission

EDF Invest contributes to securing the financing of the future decommissioning of EDF’s French nuclear power plants in the long term.

EDF Invest is the unlisted investment arm of EDF’s Dedicated Assets, the asset portfolio which covers long-term nuclear decommissioning commitments in France.

EDF Invest’s mission is to diversify the portfolio of Dedicated Assets and lenghthen its investment horizon by targeting 3 non-listed asset classes in France and abroad that offer a relevant return / risk profile: Infrastructure, Real Estate and Private Equity.

EDF Invest’s objective is to reach in the mid term 10 bn€ of asset under management. Currently EDF Invest manages 6,4 bn€.

EDF Invest is a member of GIIA (Global Infrastructure Investor Association) as well as the Infrastructure Club and the LPs Club of AFIC (Association Française des Investisseurs pour la Croissance).


Investment philosophy


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