EDF Invest

EDF Invest


EDF Invest, investment arm of the EDF Group, supports part of the financing of the future decommissioning of nuclear power plants in France through its portfolio of unlisted asset.


EDF Invest develops and strengthens its presence in France, Europe and internationally thanks to its knowledge of the markets and its awareness of environmental and social challenges, ensuring its responsiveness and financial performance.

L'équipe dédiée d'EDF Invest gère un portefeuille d'actifs non côtés au fort potentiel de croissance



Our mission

EDF Invest’s mission is to diversify the EDF Group's dedicated asset portfolio and expand its investment horizon by targeting 3 resilient unlisted asset classes in France and around the world.

Thanks to the commitment and expertise of our dedicated team, EDF Invest ensures a continuous asset management while ensuring a constant and sustainable growth trajectory.
La diversification du portefeuille d’actifs d'EDF Invest nous permettent de viser 10 à 12 milliards d’euros de fonds propres


Our strategy


EDF Invest follows a long-term minority investment approach. We invest alongside renowned partners in solid structures with prospects for sustained and long-term growth.

EDF Invest currently manages more than €9 billion of equity spread over three resilient unlisted asset classes: Infrastructure, Real Estate and Investment Funds.

The growth potential and the development of our asset portfolio allow us to target 10 to 12 billion euros of equity in the coming years.


Our asset portfolio Is diversified: we target promising sectors in France, Europe and around the world, such as renewable energies, energy transition (solar, wind, smart meters), transportation (airport, hybrid train, hydrogen project, highway) and telecommunications (fiber networks).


Our commitments


Supporting the financing of the dismantling of EDF's nuclear power plants in France, EDF Invest has a public utility mission. In order to respect the Group's objective of carbon neutrality by 2050, EDF Invest and its team of professional investors are committed to ensuring their investment decisions increasingly integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.


The ESG policy deployed within the EDF Invest portfolio promotes:

  • Investments consistent with the environmental context (energy transition, renewable energies, carbon neutrality)
  • A social dimension in operational management (safety at work, solidarity operations)
  • Responsible governance in line with our moral values


EDF Invest22 – 30 avenue de Wagram 75008 Paris


EDF Invest is the investment arm of the EDF Group managing the unlisted asset portfolio intended to cover the future decommissioning expenses of nuclear power plants in France. EDF Invest does not invest on behalf of individuals or third parties. - Groupe EDF

Be aware of potentials phishing tentatives

EDF Invest does not offer any advisory or investment services to individuals or to any kind of investors.


EDF Invest will never offer you any investment or product, or contact you. EDF Invest invests solely for the purpose of EDF needs.


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