Private Equity

Private Equity

EDF Invest’s Private Equity

The Private Equity preferred by EDF Invest follow a highly diversified strategy and moderate transactions, thus allowing for risk pooling and return optimization.


EDF Invest targets investment funds in Europe and the OECD and focuses on yield and growth, secondary, debt (Senior, Unitranche, Mezzanine), LBO and Venture Capital funds. The Private Equity portfolio currently represents 11% of EDF Invest's overall portfolio..


Nos fonds d'investissement sont situés en Europe et dans les pays de l’OCDE

Our Private Equity investment criteria


EDF Invest has committed nearly 1 billion euros in Private Equity. Our team of financial professionals pursues its investment strategy in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Investments by strategy, sector, region and fund vintage
  • Partnering with fund managers based on their track record and experience
  • Co-investment with EDF Invest's Infrastructure and Real Estate teams


Typology of our investment funds

  • Transactions of 20 to 50 million euros
  • Infrastructure in Europe and OECD countries


Some Partners of our PRIVATE EQUITY


Some Partners of our Private Equity


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EDF Invest is the investment arm of the EDF Group managing the unlisted asset portfolio intended to cover the future decommissioning expenses of nuclear power plants in France. EDF Invest does not invest on behalf of individuals or third parties. - Groupe EDF

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EDF Invest does not offer any advisory or investment services to individuals or to any kind of investors.


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